Get Ready For an Outdoor Marijuana Growing Adventure

Growing marijuana outdoors is an adventurous task especially if you want to grow a quality product. Growing marijuana outdoors is different from growing indoors and you need to take proper care to get better yield. The following are a few things you will need to take care of:

Location: Finding a great location to grow is the most important thing to start with. The best time to spend some time finding the right spot is in the summer because the sun moves in the sky as spring turns to summer and then into fall.

Soil: The most important criteria for an excellent growing site are good soil and abundance sunlight. Marijuana requires rich, fertile soil and you will get this kind of soil in areas where grassland vegetation has existed for a series of years.

Sunlight: If you want to grow most amazing buds, you need to ensure that your growing area is getting enough sunlight. Medical Marijuana plants need minimum of 5 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.

Site preparation:  After getting all your farming tools, you need to clear the bed area to prepare the soil. Once your bed is cleared, mix the soil additives by following instructions printed on the package.

Seeds and clones: You need to have healthy seedlings or cuttings to transplant into your beds when spring comes. Try to plant the seeds about one half inch deep.